The Amazing Book of Mazes For Kids

The Amazing Book of Mazes For Kids is the fun maze collection that kids will adore. Packed with value, it includes 112 mazes and labyrinths specially designed for young people. With mazes of varying difficulty, it's perfect for children of all ages to enjoy.

Mazes are a fun puzzle suitable for kids of all ages and abilities. Solving them help to promote logical thinking, develop memory skills, and encourage concentration, all while being super-fun and rewarding.

The Amazing Book of Mazes For Kids ramps up the fun-factor even more with its gorgeously decorated pages, and bonus Hashi and Number Cross puzzles.

Inside The Amazing Book of Mazes For Kids You'll Find:

  • 112 intriguing mazes.
  • Fun illustrations and characters.
  • 8 different kinds of maze to challenge and entertain.
  • Extra-large pages (8.5" x 11") with big mazes designed for smaller hands, offering plenty of space for tracing paths.
  • Beautifully decorated page borders that can be coloured in, packing in even more entertainment value.
  • A certificate of achievement for added motivation and reward.
  • Bonus Hashi and Number Cross puzzles, adding variety.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials for the bonus puzzles.
  • Full solutions for every maze and puzzle are included.

Developed With Real Kids

The Amazing Book of Mazes For Kids was developed with and tested on real kids age 4-13+.

Solving mazes is a brilliant way to get children away from screens and using their brains. It's ideal for vacations, travelling, entertaining, or simply enjoying at home.

Amelia Baker is published by Shelfless.
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