Sudoku For Kids — Volume 2

Sudoku For Kids is the fun puzzle book that kids will adore. It packs in 180 sudoku puzzles specially designed for younger players. With 4x4, 6x6, and regular 9x9 puzzles of increasing difficulty, it's perfect for children of all ages to enjoy.

Sudoku is an involving puzzle suitable for kids of all ages and abilities. It promotes logical thinking and problem solving, develops memory skills, and encourages concentration, all while being super-fun and rewarding.

Sudoku For Kids ramps up the fun-factor even more with its gorgeously decorated pages, cool robot characters, and bonus hashi and number cross puzzles.

Inside Sudoku For Kids You'll Find:

  • Fantastic easy-to-follow tutorials that were developed with kids for kids.
  • Handy hints and tips to make sudoku exciting and simple to understand.
  • 180 sudoko puzzles in three different grid sizes.
  • Wordoku letter-based puzzles at every level to add variety and interest.
  • Extra-large pages (8.5" x 11") with big puzzles designed for smaller hands, giving plenty of space for working out.
  • Beautifully decorated page borders that can be coloured in, packing in even more entertainment value.
  • Fun certificates of achievement for added motivation and reward.
  • Bonus hashi and number cross puzzles complete with tutorials on how to solve them.
  • Full solutions for all puzzles are included.

Developed With Real Kids

Sudoku For Kids was developed with and tested on real kids age 6-13+.

Sudoku is a brilliant way to get children away from screens and using their brains. It's ideal for vacations, travelling, entertaining, or simply enjoying at home.

Every book in the Amelia Baker Sudoku For Kids range contains a unique set of puzzles — there's no repetition between editions.

Amelia Baker is published by Shelfless.
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