My First French Words

The fun and colourful way for your child to learn their first French words.


My First French Words presents more than 250 useful French words across 17 themes. Every word is beautifully illustrated and shown in context in a scene.

This makes it easy and fun for your child to pick up new words, because the brain naturally makes associations based on these contexts.

The themes and scenes include:

★ Animals

★ Numbers

★ Family

★ Shapes and colours

★ Shopping

★ The body

★ Sport

★ Music

★ Useful everyday words

★ And more…

The bright and fun double-page illustrations really bring the themes to life. This is a book your child will want to open time and again.


Clarity is key to learning. That’s why every word is labelled in British English and French, in large, easy-to-read text.

And because French is a grammatically gendered language, indefinite articles (un/une) are included where appropriate, too.

Every page is numbered in both English and French, adding an extra opportunity to learn French numbers in context.

Deep Engagement

The human brain learns best when it’s having fun. That’s why each of the delightful scenes has been specially designed to be lively and stimulating.

As your child becomes engrossed in the images they will naturally become engaged with the language, making learning easy and enjoyable.

For added fun, and to increase engagement even further, there are hidden objects to seek out in every scene.

Amelia Baker is published by Shelfless.
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