A Day At The Farm

Take time out from the stresses of everyday life, and enjoy A Day At The Farm — an exquisite coloring experience from Amelia Baker. Inside you’ll find ovines, bovines, felines and more, wandering among fields of delicious crops.

Escape to a virtual rural retreat as you color and embellish 40 beautiful designs. There are intricate and elaborate pages for experts, or for when you have more time, as well as some simpler, delicate motifs for those moments when you are pressed, or you simply want something a little easier.

All Amelia Baker coloring books have artwork printed on one side of the page, so you can use ink or watercolors without fear of bleed through, and you can cut out and display your creations for all to enjoy.

In the back of this book you’ll find a handy index, as well as a secret link to get a bonus coloring book for free.

Join the millions who have rediscovered the joy and stress relieving qualities of coloring, as you luxuriate in A Day At The Farm.

Amelia Baker is published by Shelfless.
Copyright ©Shelfless — All rights reserved
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